The US Government Doesn’t Care About You


25 responses to “The US Government Doesn’t Care About You”

  1. klis says:

    I demand a better future!

  2. klis says:

    I demand a better future!!

  3. Larry Archer says:

    Holy crap! Jason Ruiz can type more that one word at a time!

  4. Larry Archer says:

    I want more of these. These are awesome!

  5. HD says:

    Power to the peopele!

  6. Lauren Brady says:

    Endgame brought me here, am I the only one?

  7. Lauren Brady says:

    Oops, I entered my wrong email address. I really wanna talk about VRIL, it’s been drilled into me for the past hour.

  8. Ashley Cokes says:

    So the Endgame brought me here, what is the point of being here? I’m so lost~

  9. Kerstin says:

    @Lauren Brady
    I´m here for Endgame as well and I´m pretty sure the most people here are, too!

  10. marquis Wartley says:

    Are people just figuring this out?

  11. lythamlife says:


  12. Joe Saccoche says:

    They should care about us

  13. SilverSnake says:

    I really don’t enjoy the two party system. Really encourages voting along lines instead of on issues these days.

  14. Player One says:

    I Demand A Better Future

  15. nikki says:

    endgame help please : )

  16. Celina says:

    demand a better future

  17. Alexander Dragomirov Gerasimov says:

    I demand a better future!

  18. Bea Kay says:

    I demand a future !

  19. bob stickles says: Congenement on reddit! BAM!

  20. Nathaly says:

    I Demand a Better Future

  21. Gigi says:

    I demand a better future

  22. Marcel says:


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