Processed Foods Make People Sick


15 responses to “Processed Foods Make People Sick”

  1. Rob S. says:

    Demand a better future? You have the choice to not eat processed foods right now. As does everyone else.

  2. Heather Day says:

    Go green!

  3. klis says:

    I demand a better future!

  4. Larry Archer says:

    Yeah but the FDA also has a choice not to shove them down your throat Rob S. Also, poor people really don’t have a choice. When 1 organic apple costs as much as 6 cans of peaches, You have a BIG problem. Your response is smug and arrogant.

  5. Jason Ruiz says:

    “RT: Has TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) gotten away with hiding information from the public?

    James Corbett: TEPCO has lied obfuscated and covered up the truth about what they knew about, or know about what is going on at sites since day one. And of course this goes back to the very beginning of the disaster when they knew within 72 hours that three of the reactors at the Fukushima No.1 plant site were in full melt down. In fact that they did not reveal to the public for almost three months after that event took place. And from there it only continues. We have cover-ups about the amount of radiation that has been released. TEPCO had to revise its original estimate up 250%. We have had cover up of the fact that there was and continues to be 300 tons of radioactive water flooding through the site. That wasn’t really revealed to the public until the summer of 2013, two years after the event took place. Cover-up after cover-up continuously being revealed and only very much later after the fact. I think TEPCO certainly has gotten away with an awful lot. Their practice seems to be, I am not sure if this is a coordinated strategy, but it certainly seems to be that it reveals information in dribs and drabs over long periods of time so that the public has time to be acclimatized to the last piece of bad news before the next one hits them.”

  6. MIGUEL says:

    I want to ascend…

  7. marquis Wartley says:

    That’s messed up Ruiz!

  8. lythamlife says:


  9. SilverSnake says:

    I try not to eat many processed foods. Modern lifestyle makes it hard:-( I know its really down to personal effort and choice but as stated above the FDA and companies sure don’t make it too practical for person of my status.

  10. Obix007 says:


  11. Bea Kay says:

    truth shall set us free

  12. bob stickles says: Congenement on reddit! BAM!

  13. Christoffer says:

    I demand a better future!

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